Japanese Tea Garden

I recall the beauty of the Japanese Tea Gardens when I first moved to San Antonio in 2001.  Since that time little maintenance had been done on the landmark and the pond remained dry.  Fortunately a renovation project was undertaken in 2007 and in March of 2008 the Gardens reopened complete with Koi and beautiful landscaping.  The waterfall was revitalized and the park once again became a great place to visit.

With the renovation, the Tea Garden is a delightful location for informal family and individual portraits.  The island floral garden is an ideal backdrop that surround the subject with charming foliage and architecture.  Perhaps the biggest drawback is the popularity of the Gardens and finding an open space in which to take photos.  If you have not visited the Gardens in awhile I urge you to stop by and spend some time there.  It is especially fun for kids as they explore the area and view the Koi; don’t forget to bring some crackers so they can feed the fish.  I am sure the Gardens will continue to be one of my favorite locations for portraits.


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