Family Portrait Days

My wife and I have finally worked out most of the details for this Falls “Family Portrait Days”.  If you have not participated in the past, this is a an opportunity to get some great family portraits done at a super price.  The San Antonio location will be Walker Ranch Park, which is located near the airport and presents a great mix of settings for photos.  We will also be doing shoots in the Schertz/Garden Ridge area along with New Bruanfels, although we have not determined the exact location for those yet.

There are 10 separate dates to choose from and I have a complete listing on the walstonphoto website.  The dates range from late September to late October and all are scheduled for the evenings.  This year we have expanded the selection a bit to include different locations and the option for studio sessions.  Sittings are broken down into 20 minute time slots which gives enough time to situate everyone and capture some beautiful images.  The sitting fee is still only $40, which gets you a CD of high resolution touched up images with a personal copyright release, allowing you to make prints.

Anything from formal dress to casual works, but we recommend something on the casual side.  One of the favorites is solid white t-shirts with blue jeans.  Another suggestion is coordinating button downs, but if at all possible dress in solid colors, with coordinating tones.  We also recommend arriving 15 minutes prior to your scheduled time for any last minute touch ups and to get organized.  One of the issues in the past has been identifying me once you arrive at the location so this year I will be dressed in an Orange polo with khaki cargo shorts.  Of course my wife helps keep everything organized and deals with any last minute details.

Payments for the sitting fee need to be made in advance which reserves your scheduled time.  Due to the low cost we will not be able to offer refunds for no-shows, but we will offer a make-up shoot at the end of October for those who want make-ups.  We will also schedule a re-shoot for weather related cancellations.  Payment options are on the website.


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