The Golf Pro

My boys are in the “First Tee” program, so it is off to the driving range each Saturday for their golf lessons.  It is a great activity for them and a chance for me to sit back and watch their progress.  Plus they pretty much need to know golf since most of the guys in our family play.  Any time they can coerce their uncle George into tagging along they do, and such was the case this past Saturday.  George has been playing since he was 6, and pretty much grew up on the golf course.  With camera in tow I knew it would be a great chance to get a shot of him in his element.

After spending some time on the putting green with a friendly putt off, I found a clear area, set up my flash off-camera, and broke out the 18-70mm.  I let Adri and George goof around a little bit as I took some test shots and decided what flash power to use.  The flash was placed on the ground about 6 feet away and to frame left at 1/4 power.  The ability to trigger the flash remotely with the Nikon system is great for quick set up shots such as this.  Sometimes it can be a bit quirky, but as long as the set up is correct you can get some great effects.  I typically set everything up in manual mode so I can control each aspect of the image.  For this shot I was shooting at ISO 200, with 1/500 shutter speed, right at the flash sync limit of the D70.  The aperture was f10 and the remote flash again was set at 1/4 power.

The great thing about putting someone in there element is you really don’t have to do much directing in terms of posing.  I just told George where to stand and this is what I got.  Some post process tweaking in Capture NX2 resulted in the shot you see, but that was limited to running some filters and masking off skin tones to brighten the effect.  If you want more info on the technical aspects let me know.


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