Picnik Editing

If you have not heard about Picnik , it is an online editing software much like Adobe Elements or Gimp.  The cool thing about Picnik is you don’t download any software or install applications on your system since it runs through the web browser.  Just upload an image, or pull one in from your favorite social networking site and start editing.

No sign-up or account registration is necessary, and the list of tools is decent. For a nominal fee you can upgrade to more powerful tools that allow for heavier editing.  I decided to give it a try on some images I shot this evening.  As you can see the quality is pretty good, and while it does not compete with the system based editing programs, it does allows for quick touch up for those who want something free and easy.

In the image above I tweaked the saturation, exposure, contrast, cloned some junk on the drive, cropped, and added a vignette.

 A little off camera flash to add flavor

A little off camera flash to add flavor

the second image was pretty much the same thing without the vignette.  Give it a try when you have a chance and let me know what you think.

See the same shots edited with Capture NX2, click here.


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