Frank Family

The Family Portrait Days photo event kicked off with the Frank Family this past Saturday at Walker Ranch Park.  I was excited to have such lovely weather and a great family to work with.

The park makes a great location for family portraits with several different settings and a great natural look to the entire area.  The way the park lays out and the location of the photo spots means great light from the early evening sun.  Combining some off camera flash with each setting yields a very refined look to the resulting image.  I decided to use a shoot-through umbrella which softened the flash nicely and gave me a very nice balance with the ambient light, meaning I could get a dramatic look to the clouded sky.

Adding some additional effects and filters in my post process software resulted in an even more dramatic look to the scene.  The image of the Frank Family below was a result of all these components coming together.  I am currently working on two more sets of images from the sessions on Sunday, and of course I have several more photo dates coming up in the next couple of weeks.  Thus far the images have been fantastic and I can’t wait to shoot more.


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