It’s a wrap

I wrapped up shooting the Family Portrait Days sessions yesterday, and fortunately I have stayed ahead in the image editing game.  The biggest drawback to packing so many shoots into a short period is the non-stop image editing workflow.  Overall everything went very smoothly and the images are wonderful, making the editing much easier.

The first set of sessions were at Walker Ranch Park in San Antonio.  There are several lovely spots for portraits at Walker Ranch, but the most compelling is the huge oak tree behind the pavilion.  All the elements come together perfectly to produce a striking backdrop.  The huge oak dips to the ground making a perfect spot for kids to sit, and the canopy of leaves shades the area nicely.  The final touch is the windmill in the background that can be composed into the scene with ease.  Once I have the camera settings dialed in, i just add some off-camera flash to really give the shot a nice dynamic.

In the shot above one of the Skolaut looks off making for a very emotional atmosphere.  These are the kind of shots that really move me as a photographer.  I feel an image such as this will hold much more powerful memories years from now over the typical portrait shot.  His pose combined with the old photo effect really makes for a classic shot.

The technique of HDR (high dynamic range) images has been around for a while, and gradually gained popularity.  The image above of the Carter’s is not a true HDR image, but the process I applied mimics the appearance.  While my technique is not as time consuming as true HDR it is much more involved than a typical edited shot.  Let me know in the comments below if it is a worthwhile offering in terms of portrait processing.

This post would not be complete without including a parting shot of the youngest child of the Lee’s.  Again this image holds very nice emotion and atmosphere, something I look for when shooting.  Keep checking back I will be posting more from this past weekend as I get the images processed.


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