I saw a post on Facebook from a fellow photographer and it got me thinking of how fortunate I have been over the years with memory cards.  Yes, I lost photos on one occasion, but I have managed to escape complete catastrophe.  Knock on wood.  Uh, maybe knock again just to be safe.  It got me thinking that losing images in a memory card meltdown might be like crashing in bike racing.  There are those who have crashed, and then there are those who are going to crash.  My point, I will run into a  memory card meltdown at some point.

First thing I did after reading his post, which had a happy ending by the way (he was able to recover all the wedding images he had just shot), was to bookmark the application he found that recovered the lost images.  CardRescue for the mac allowed him to recover all the images and salvage what was looking to be immanent disaster.  Of course I run on the Win platform so I was a little disappointed, until I found a link at the top of their page to the CardRecovery app that accomplishes the same thing for windows.  Yes, they are both bookmarked in my favorites now.  Hey, I do have a couple macs in the home, they just aren’t mine 🙂

Check out Dave’s work since you are browsing links anyway.  He may have just saved you some real headache if you ever come across a corrupted memory card with important images on it.


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