BlackRapid R-strap

One of the most clever designs in recent photography has nothing to do with live-view or megapixels.  The BlackRapid R-strap is one of those designs that makes me stop and think why has it taken this long for someone to figure this out.  If you have not seen the R-strap you have to go the website and check it out.

The strap allows your camera to hang along your hip at waist level, always ready in gunslinger mode.  I could spend a few more paragraphs explaining what I am talking about, but it is far easier to head over to the website and check out the videos of the strap in action.

BlackRapid has gone through several designs up to this point, and it now appears to be a very refined and capable strap.  I think the strap not only serves the pros, but is also a great option for the recreational photographer who is looking for a comfortable and convenient way to carry their camera.


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