Sensor Dust

As is the case with most things technical it only seems intimidating.  During my latest wedding shoot I noticed a large dust spot showing up on one of my Nikon bodies.  Realizing I have another wedding within a week I knew getting the sensor cleaned would be a challenge.  I would either need to clean it myself or send it out, the later of the two really not being an option since I would be needing the camera by the next weekend.

Once home I decided to lock the mirror up and take a look at the sensor, not really knowing if I would even be able to see the dust.  I had never attempted to lock up the mirror let alone clean the sensor; of course cleaning the sensor was not really my goal.  Once the mirror was up I was astounded at the size of the dust speck, and concluded it was not dust at all but something larger.  Since I had gone that far I determined I would hit it with a blast of air from my bulb syringe just to see what would happen.  Yeah, I am not foolish enough to shoot it with canned air.  One small puff from the bulb knocked it right off, leaving me with a clean sensor and no more trouble.

Unfortunately the same approach did not work on the small dust spot on body #2.  Looks like I may just have to take the next step and have a go with some sensor swabs.  Of course that might have to wait until after this coming weekend 🙂


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