Stuck In Motion

I’ve mentioned Trey Ratcliff before, and I’m going to do it again.  Trey is an Austinite who does some incredible HDR work, which if you have not seen, you need to check out.  He is now making strides in the area of video, using a much forgotten Casio EX-F1.  This camera shoots video at up to 1200 frames per second.  When this camera hit the market earlier this year I had the same thought as Trey; shoot at high speed, 300+ frames per second then slow it down for playback.

Trey outlines the entire principle and mechanics on his Stuck in Motion page, which also has a couple smaple videos that you have to check out.  This trick of course has been around in the film industry for years, but the technology has not been available to the general public, until the Casio hit the streets.  Of course the camera never got much press or sales due to the price, and the fact that most couldn’t envision a use for high speed frame capture.

For the most part the videos look very ordinary, like a high speed capture slowed down, but the coolness factor plays in when the situation changes to a fast moving camera position and slow moving subject.  Watch for the train station shots in the video and the freeze motion effect it has on the subjects.


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