Free Flash Website

As I looked to get back into wedding photography I searched for a low cost (free) website provider and came across Wix.  The attraction was that it is flash based so you can create a super cool site that looks slick and professional.  Unfortunately I soon found that I really needed absolute page addresses and the ability to copy text from the pages for responding to emails, something that is not possible with a flash site.  I moved to another site host, but that will be for a future post.

Setting up a site at Wix was somewhat easy.  Once you have your account created you can choose from various templates and modify the look from there, or you can build your site up from a blank page.  The free site will have a tag line for the Wix service, but they offer a premium upgrade that will remove the tag and open additional features.  Overall I found the service to be very good and the end result was very professional and attractive.  If you are looking to build a flash site on the cheap and don’t care about having absolute web addressing then Wix could be for you.


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