Capture NX2 Resource

Capture NX2 is an integral part of my workflow and provides some very powerful tools for editing.  One of the drawbacks is that NX2 has not gained a large share of the post process market and therefore does not get as much coverage as the more popular programs like CS4 and Lightroom.  This makes finding good resources, tutorials and tips online very difficult for NX2.  One advantage to NX2 is the somewhat intuitive interface, but unlocking its full potential can still be very time consuming.

In my search for additional resources I came across the website DPT&T.  I was pleased to find tips and tutorials that went beyond the basic control point, and dust removal steps.  Some of the links on the site (click here) take you back to the Nikon NX2 website, but they also list their own tutorials along with other sites that have relevant information.

If you are a Capture NX2 user and are looking for good information on what NX2 is capable of hop over to DPT&T and check out the information.


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