Christmas Fun

Last year I put together a collage of our family made up of images I shot on white seamless at Christmas.  At the time I really didn’t know how I would use the images, and the collage idea came to me after I saw the final shots.  This year with the collage idea in mind I decided to be a little more purposeful in my initial shots.  With the family all gathering for the annual new year celebration everyone would be in one place so getting the shots would easy.  Apparently getting them to act goofy was pretty easy as well.

Initially I had not expected to shoot so many images, but once we got going, the cards quickly started to fill up.  With a wedding still to edit and our Christmas trip photos to Dallas untouched I decided to do a fast review of the images and put together a quick collage.  I didn’t take time to touch up all the edges or place drop shadows so this is just a rough layer job, but it conveys the fun time everyone had.  My initial thought after reviewing all the images is to select the best shots and put together a triptych of each person.   Hopefully I can get somewhere with that project before the end of the week.


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