Shelbo Baggins

A trip to Dallas over Christmas landed us at the West End in downtown.  We were specifically there to see my brother perform, but we had a great time wandering around the streets and enjoying the sights before his gig.   I posted about Shelby awhile back, mentioning that I had yet to see him perform, so this was a special trip we had planned for some time.  With a good group of family and friends in attendance my bro was enjoying the attention and had a great time playing to the crowd.

This also made for a great opportunity to grab some images of him performing.  The weather was fantastic with temperatures in the 70’s so the West End Pub’s patio was perfect to enjoy Shelby’s playing.  Arriving a little later was Justin Goode, who was a delight to meet and the ensuing conversation on photography made for an interesting evening.  For more info on my bro and to hear some of his music you can check out his myspace page.

edit: Bro sent me a link to a promo video for one of the spots he is playing on a regular basis.  The video can be seen here.


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