Cold Dreary Start

With such a cold dreary start to the year it is easy for my motivation to fade.  Focusing mainly on outdoor photography, the weather plays a large role in my shooting and scheduling.  It seems here in San Antonio we end up somewhere between the tolerable mildness of Texas winters, and the fantastic beauty of winter wonderland.  The result is typically a cold and wet forecast that makes outdoor work miserable.  Fortunately wedding photography interest has picked up and I am staying busy with requests and scheduling.

Wedding photography keeps me motivated and eager to produce great images.  My first wedding for 2010 is this weekend, and the opportunity is exciting and inspiring.  The chance to capture the moments of the day and preserve the memories is such a challenging and rewarding experience.  It is wonderful to be able to deliver memories to a bride and groom that will be cherished for years to come.  Not only do I get to touch the lives of the couple but their families and friends as well.  It is sure to be a fantastic weekend that will be treasured by all.


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