Win7 HP Printer Issues – C4580 on HP desktop – temp solution

A couple weeks ago I made a “soft switch” to Windows 7, installing it on a second partition and leaving Vista running on the first partition (you know in case everything didn’t go exactly right).  I anticipated I could work through compatibility issues and still have my original working system to fall back on in crisis situation.  Most everything went smoothly in terms of installation and compatibility, except for my HP Photosmart C4580 inkjet printer.

The printer installed but I could not print wireless, and connecting via USB cable did not alleviate the problem.  I upgraded the software and drivers, which resulted in the ability to print a test page, but when printing from an application the job did not appear to even go to the print queue (queue showed 0 pending docs).   Hours of online search and reinstalling drivers yielded no success, and the perception that a lot of HP owners are dealing with this issue with no resolution.  I finally resorted to HP tech chat and last night came to a temporary workable solution.

Here are the steps given to me that resulted in the ability to finally print, albeit with limited capability.  The reason is the print driver is a basic driver that offers only limited functionality, but it does allow the printer to work.  Note that I have the printer connected to my computer through a USB connection, and I have not tested it in wireless mode.  In Windows 7 follow these steps.

  1. Verify that the All-in-One is connected to the computer via USB cable.
  2. Go to Start >>Devices & Printers
  3. Click on Add a Printer icon. Click Next
  4. If a message asks Local or Network, choose Local, then click Next
  5. Choose USB001 as the port, then click Next
  6. In the Manufacturers list choose HP
  7. In the printer list, choose the HP Deskjet 990c printer, then click Next.  If you don’t find 990c, then select “Windows Update” in the same dialog box. It will re-populate the list.  (I had to re-populate the list and it took a 5-6 minutes)
  8. The printer name should be listed as HP Deskjet 990C printer. Select Next.
  9. If you receive an option to share the printer, select NO.
  10. Click YES on Do you want your Windows based programs to use this printer as your default printer? Then click Next.
  11. Click NO when it asks, Would you list to print a test page (recommended). Then click Finish.

At this point you should be able to go to any application and print successfully.  I noticed there were far fewer options for paper size and printing photos (remember it is a basic printer driver).  I intend to follow these steps and try some of the other drivers available that more closely match my printer model.  My hope is I will find a working driver that gives me more printing options and versatility.  I will post an update if I am successful.


9 thoughts on “Win7 HP Printer Issues – C4580 on HP desktop – temp solution

  1. Thanks!
    I also recently upgraded and had the same problem.
    The solution works nicely.

  2. I have to agree “For the Love”, HP needs to sort this one out. I rely on that printer for photos and have to dual boot into Vista in order to print good quality photos. To top it off I have two of C4580 printers within my network.

  3. I bought an HP computer last year with Windows 7 , 64 bit . I have an HP Officejet Pro 8500. The HP Solution Centre will not open, it says drivers not installed and connect USB cable or insert CD. Been there, done that several times. While I can print with the Officejet, solution centre will not open to allow me to scan. Also I cannot scan with any of the other devices that HP advised to use such as Paint or Windows Gallery or Windows Fax & Scan. I just got off the phone with HP support and I refuse to give them $20 just to put a desktop icon on my computer and NOT give me a fix for solution centre. It seems that Microsoft & HP are are loggerheads. Any ideas so I can get Solution Centre to open? Thanks

  4. The only solution that worked for me was to do a clean install of Win7 after formatting the drive. Even then I don’t know that it will solve your problem since it sounds like you bought a HP with Win7 preinstalled. My issues were due to upgrading from Vista to Win7.

    My suggestion at this point would be to move to a different printer. Dropping $100 on a new printer is far less painful than the continual headaches you will have dealing with the HP.

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