HP printer issues

I posted a couple weeks ago regarding issues with my HP printer and Windows 7.  Tonight I tried some of the other drivers available in an effort to locate one that would allow printing photo quality images.  The 990c driver works for printing basic stuff but when it comes to photos there are limitations and the quality is very low.

Most of my choices for drivers revolved around the Photosmart series since I reasoned a working driver in that range would yield decent prints.  Unfortunately all the choices I made resulted in the same outcome as the C4500 driver; nothing prints.  I tried  a 4100, 7200, 4600 and a 2300 series driver all with the same result; the print job goes to the queue and then disappears.

I needed 3-4 images printed so I booted back to my Vista install and printed what I needed.  Not an acceptable long term solution.  Looks like I will be contacting HP again very soon.


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