Galloway Family Shoot

The San Antonio weather has been excellent here lately and I got to take full advantage of it with the Galloway family.  With a short time frame for scheduling the shoot, I turned to my fave Walker Ranch Park.  The park is always a gamble since it is hugely popular on the weekends, and things looked bleak with cars parked all the way to the street in the grass.  Fortunately everyone was preoccupied with birthday parties and other celebrations leaving us to grab some great images.

With a clear spring sky I can almost set the shot up with my eyes closed.  The huge oak provides the perfect shade, and once I dial my aperture down to around f9 all that is left is to drop in off camera flash to give the shot that dynamic snap.  With a few test shots out of the way, the sky looked great and the flash was hitting the Galloway family perfectly.  A few little tweaks here and there for the individual shots was all that was needed to keep the images looking great.

Of course I absolutely love to give something new a try, and when we moved to the base of the tree I positioned Syndney in the direct sun.  I re-adjusted the flash and swung it around to come in opposite the sunlight and dialed it in to balance the exposure.  Once I started shooting I realized the composition was excellent and urged the rest of the family to fall in behind.  I just love the last shot in the series here.  I added a little vignette in post processing to get what I think is the best shot of the day.

Thanks for the wonderful shoot guys, and hope to see you again soon.


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