King of the Parc

One day while running errands with the family, we missed the turn and took a side street to turn around.  That is when we were introduced to the “King of the Parc“; a 40 foot iron sculpture of a stag, overlooking the housing development we just entered.  Large sculptures are not uncommon in San Antonio, but what was unusual about this one was the location.  Out in the burbs, in a sparsely populated housing division seemed like an odd place for such a large centerpiece.

At the time I grabbed a quick photo on my cell phone and uploaded it to facebook.  I made a mental note and over the next few months I thought about how to capture it in a compelling photo.  My idea was to get out there at sunrise or sunset, and hopefully everything would line up for something good.

Fast forward to May and a lazy Saturday with the kids.  The day had been overcast since dawn, not very conducive to my style of shooting, but still I had the urge to get out and shoot.  As evening started to approach there were some small breaks in the clouds; an opportunity I could not resist.  Using my 20mm 2.8 I bracketed my shots with the anticipation of creating HDR images.

The sculpture is made from scrap metal consisting of fenders, engine parts, bicycle components, license plates, and pipes.  The artist spent 6 months designing and another 6 months building the colossal stag.   Since it is lit at night I might have to make a trip out after sunset to get some night-time shots.


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