Japanese Tea Garden Photos

Japanese Tea Garden San Antonio, TX

The Japanese Tea Garden in San Antonio is a wonderful location both for enjoyment and its beauty.  With a rich history, and a recent renovation it is once again one of the premier attractions in San Antonio.  For this reason it makes a fantastic location for family and individual portraits, and is my choice for this month’s family portrait sessions.  For some recent image samples follow this link.

I am booking portrait sessions for Saturday June 19th.  The 45 minute sessions start at 9am and will run throughout the day.  This is a great photography opportunity to get family portraits in a fun casual location.  If you are a couple looking for engagement photos, or just some fun casual images together this is a perfect time.  I recommend casual attire such as jeans and matching t-shirts, or khaki shorts with coordinating tops.  Sessions will be $60, and include a CD of edited images. Each session will provide enough time for a family of 4-8 to get several group shots plus individual portraits if desired.

Contact me to schedule your session.

The address and link to google maps for the Tea Garden is:
3853 N St Mary’s
San Antonio, Texas 78212

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