One of my goals is to bring added value to my customers by including unique touches to my photography collections.  I feel one of the most important aspects of photography is the delivery of the images.  Unfortunately today that delivery centers around the presentation of an image disk or DVD of the photos.  Not nearly as glamorous as presenting the client with large prints or a well crafted proof book.  There are still the occasional opportunities to deliver gorgeous prints, but right now all the images on CD, is king.

When I was turned on to Loktah late last year, I immediately saw the benefit.  Loktah produces top quality CD and DVD cases as well as image portfolios and other fine products.  This was the bridge from plastic CD cases to elegant presentation of the final product on my premiere wedding and portrait photo collections.  The quality materials and refined look compliments the collection and indicates to the client they are receiving top-notch treatment.  The work and effort that goes into creating a stunning image should not be forgotten when delivering the final product and Loktah ensures you exceed those expectations.

As I mentioned the Loktah items are exclusive to my premiere packages, in a future post I will discuss the presentation solution for my basic collections.


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