Image Collection Delivery

Last week I wrote about Loktah, and using their products for delivering my premier wedding collections.  Loktah filled an important niche in the delivery of my top services, but I still needed something classy for my other portrait, bridal and wedding collections.  Delivering images in a plastic CD case is effective but it does not portray the level of professionalism that a client deserves.

I spent a couple of weeks scouring local vendors, retail merchants, hobby shops, and boutique stores in the San Antonio area looking for a solution that was economical, and presented my final product in the stylish manner I was looking for.  To my amazement I found nothing.  I didn’t even find an alternative that was outside my budget.  My next move was the internet.

On the web I found a range of CD cases, but nothing that really fit the style I was looking for.  There were some custom products but again those were outside the budget and didn’t compare to the offerings by Loktah.  I finally came across bulk die-cut CD cases from, and with some creativity I developed the case I was looking for.

Natural CD cases for stylish delivery

A few prototypes and some tweaking of the design yielded very nice results.   My first concern was the amount of time being spent to assemble these but a good streamlined process was not hard to develop.  Since I am assembling the cases myself there is a great deal of flexibility with the materials and design.

Inside of CD case

Additional embellishments can be added to customize the delivery and add further elegance to the final case. These cases presented the perfect mix of economy and style to be used for my everyday photography collections, allowing me to present the final image disk in a stylish and attractive manner.

Stylish CD cases for final image delivery

Made from 100% recycled chipboard and all natural materials these cases also present a very natural look and feel.  If you would like more information or details let me know in the comments.


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