Gray Photography

Zach and Jody Gray are a couple in Nashville producing some outstanding wedding photography.  Here is a link to a recent shoot that caught my eye.  Not only do they cover the Nashville area but also specialize in destination wedding photography all over the US.  Their blend of composition and style produces a very dramatic image rich in atmosphere and filled with emotion.  Through their work they have the ability to bring the story to life, giving a very intimate look into the bride and groom.

Stop by their site, which is broken into two sections; one for clients, and the other for photographers.  There you can find more information on their photography, and some great resources if you are the one behind the camera.


4 thoughts on “Gray Photography

  1. Wow I’m just excited to look at their resources page! Which brings up a question I have – do you know of any free sites that do some form image hosting where I can upload a weddings worth of small jpegs for proof use of my customers? I might have to just use photobucket’s slideshow view or flickr’s

  2. You might try, which allows you to set purchasing options, and custom pricing for print orders. I am not sure if dotphoto has an option for proofing only (no ordering), since they are in the business to deliver print orders.

  3. Yea that’s more what I need. Just a clean slide show view where my clients can take note of filenames for my later editing. I might just use private set in flickr.

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