Blue House on Red River

Blue House along Red River, NM

14 hours from San Antonio is a little blue house on Red River.  Tucked in the Rocky Mountains of Northern New Mexico, Red River is host to a range of winter and summertime activities.  Named for the tributaries that flow from Wheeler Peak to the Rio Grande, Red River is a mining town turned tourist hub.  Known for skiing this is truly a photographers playground.

There is no lack of photo locations or opportunities in the Red River area.  Every direction one turns is a breathtaking view and a backdrop that would turn any snapshot into a fantastic portrait.  The summertime proved to be stunning most any time of day.  Partly cloudy skies in the morning turned to ominous fronts as the warmer afternoon air helped build storm systems above the mountain peaks.  By sundown the horizon was filled with fantastic color and amazing cloud formations that made for a picturesque end to the day.

For a vacation it was a beautiful week, with lots of activities and plenty of excitement.  The little blue house along the river was a great home away from home, leaving us with the urge to sell everything and move to the quaint little town.  In the end it seems like the perfect place for a yearly vacation.

Lookins up through the trees


2 thoughts on “Blue House on Red River

  1. The photo of the blue house is a sweet shot. The lighting and the clouds are excellent! You could send it to the business to see if they might be able to use it for any upcoming promotions – might even be able to swap the photo for a free night stay to use on your next visit.

  2. Thanks Darren. I do have some bracketed shots of the real estate location that we rented the house from. I am planning on processing those and sending them a high res file, so I might as well include this one. Good idea on the free night.

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