With my recent conversion to prime lenses and faster glass I am giving more consideration to the depth of field for my photography.  When shooting completely open with a 50mm 1.8 focusing is critical and the depth of field very narrow.  I have also relied in the past on auto-focus for much of my candid quick shots, and but recently at a wedding reception, I found myself missing good shots due to focus lag and waiting for the lens to lock on the subject.  Using the lens in manual focus mode and having a good idea of distance and depth of field would give me the ability to shoot quickly without the need to focus.

Of course this got me to searching for a depth of field chart so I could get some good ideas regarding the style of shooting that could be accomplished with the various lenses.  One of the charts I came across was on DOFMaster, which was very helpful for what I was looking for.  The inputs are straight forward and the chart is laid out in a logical format giving me the information I needed.  If anyone has come across a good DOF chart please share in the comments section below.


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