Witte Wedding

witte museum san antonio, TX

I will be photographing a wedding at the Witte Museum here in San Antonio in a week and half, and it looks like it will be fantastic.   I attended a walk through today for the event, and honestly it is the first time I have been in the Witte.  My wife and kids have been several times, but never with me in tow. From the limited exhibits I saw it looks to be a fantastic museum, but back to the walk through.

I am super excited about the formals and the grounds inside the Witte.  Ceremony will be indoor, formals out, and the reception back in.  Since I was there much earlier in the day than when the ceremony will take place it is still hard to say how the sun will play inside the grounds, but there are endless possibilities.  Off camera flash will of course play a main role both inside and out so look for images in a couple of weeks.


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