Goose Creek Lake Pano

With everything going on the past few weeks I completely forgot to post this panorama of Goose Creek Lake in Red River, NM.  The 4-wheel drive to the top on a narrow mountain trail was one of the most intense things I have experienced.  Very reminiscent of holding my line in a pack of cyclist for 2 hours straight; pretty much non stop intensity.  Most of the drive up had the drop off on the left side of the jeep…don’t look down, don’t look down.

Once there it was certainly one of the most fantastic experiences we have had as a family.  The entire scene was incredible.  the water was crystal clear, the temperature cool and crisp, the scenery completely unbelievable.  The lake sat in a small valley with another foot trail leading up to the highest point of the mountain.  The goal was to get to the top, but with 4 kids, one being 6, Sarah and I knew it would be a challenge.

A little more than half way up the trail we were challenged.  The trail got much steeper with very loose rock we pretty much knew we had gone as far as we could.  It was far enough.  Here is the view that we encountered when we turned around and looked back.

Goose Creek Lake Mountain, Red River, NM

If there is one photo on the blog to view in full size it is this one.  Clearly one of the most spectacular views I have ever encountered.  Wow, what a photo it would be at sunset or sunrise.  I am not a strong landscape photographer, and I really struggle with how to compose a great looking landscape photograph.  This shot was taken at noon, not the best time to be shooting anything outdoors in terms of landscape, but still it holds a captivating look.

With a little bit of down time between weddings I thought I would try to select a few more shots from our vacation and post them up for yall to see.  I am sure we will return to Red River, and with so much to see and do I don’t know that we will make it back to Goose Creek Lake, but I would certainly love to.  By the way the trip down….almost twice as intense as the trip up.  We wouldn’t trade it for anything though.


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