11,600 feet

I previously posted about our trip up Goose Creek Lake Mountain.  the view from the previous post was certainly breathtaking for us, but the view that met us as we walked up from the parking area was absolutely gorgeous.  There is no way to convey in photos just how awesome it was.  The only thought I had was “do we really only have an hour here, before we have to head back and return the rental jeep”.  I realize the kids would probably get bored, but I am sure Sarah and I could have stayed up there all day.  I would even consider camping there…and I hate cold weather.

I couldn’t believe the ice caps along the mountain ridge so late in the year.  It was pretty chilly up there, but still I would have thought they would have long since been completely melted.  I can’t imagine what it is like to go through a winter there.  Of course they were melting and numerous streams coming down the side were feeding the lake.  Off to the left of the image was the opening for the lake fed creek that flowed all the way down and into the Red River.  Oh how I dream of going back.  Maybe I need to focus on destination wedding photography!

Goose Creek Lake


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