Was that photo edited?

There is a lot of discussion over edited images these days, and how much touch-up has been done to magazine images.  In terms of weddings I think photographers are obligated to produce the most stunning and beautiful work that they can for a client.  This does not mean obtrusive heavy handed editing but a general enhancement of the original beauty of the image.  Editing certainly can not replace the need for good photography skills and getting the image right “in-camera”…but that is an entirely different discussion. 

The real question I am getting at is how much editing has been done to a given photo.  There are image forensic programs available that can be used to determine the degree of editing (here is one for Nikon), but they are expensive and impractical.  I came across a link recently for a free online image tool which analyzes the image for editing.  Now it might not be as precise as the commercial packages, but for a free online tool it certainly looks very interesting.  Not only is the process explained but users can drop in the url for images on the web for analysis.


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