Alia & Lucas Married

Last week I had the pleasure of photographing Lucas and Alia’s wedding.  Held at the Witte Museum here in San Antonio, it was a wedding I had been looking forward to for some time.  I have to give props to Alia who appeared completely calm and collected through the entire pre-planning process, decorating, event, and post ceremony clean-up.  She and the other family members did a fantastic job of organizing a beautiful wedding that everyone enjoyed. 

Witte Wedding Details

Witte Wedding Cake

Groom and Groomsmen - last minute wedding details

Wedding dress details

Wedding ceremony - ring bearer

Wedding ceremony - Witte

Witte Wedding


Wedding party

Groom and groomsmen


Reception Details


The Bentley

Their Exit


3 thoughts on “Alia & Lucas Married

  1. Found you on Craigslist and love your stuff. I’m an amateur ( and would like to know how you get such smooth illumination while doing portraits outside. Do you use some portable softbox or an attachable diffuser?

  2. Thanks for the comment. I checked out your photos and you have some great wedding images. A large portion of my images are shot with off camera flash. Occasionally I will use a shoot-through umbrella, but the majority of my images with flash are shot with a Nikon sb-600 with no modification.

  3. Thanks for the compliment! I shoot with a modest setup: Canon XSI and speelite 430II. But for my setup and cheap lens I think I can pull off some good shots. Thanks for the info, I love the smooth lighting you get!

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