Hiring a Professional

While browsing Seth Godin’s blog I came across a post from August that struck me as interesting.  His point was an interesting take on the issue of hiring a professional verses and amateur.  This dilemma plays out everyday in the wedding photography market as couples look for cost saving opportunities to stay within budget. 

Professional photographers typically with high rates can often have a very negative and condescending attitude towards amateurs.  The amateurs are stealing their customer you know!  I have always had a problem with this attitude but could not put my finger on it until now.  It is a fact that the two groups will have to co-exist as long as there is ease of entry into the wedding photography market (helped by the advent of inexpensive digital cameras).   

I have had a very accepting attitude of the wedding photography amateur, mainly because I am currently working my way up, and secondly because not every couple can afford to spend $5,000 on photography.  The amateur is not stealing a customer if the couple was never going to spend that kind of money in the first place.  Anyway, back to Seth before this gets out of hand.  Seth’s post helped solidify my thinking on this, making it more about the passion for the work. 

It is important to find someone who is passionate about the job, in this case photography, rather than hire based  on their label.


3 thoughts on “Hiring a Professional

  1. Hah great point! Amateurs are not stealing potential customers from pro’s who charge 1,500 and up because those couples were not going to pay that anyway!
    I have been dogged on by a licensed pro and rightly so. I don’t call myself professional to them though, I just let my work and prices speak for itself.

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