Train Wreck

Today’s post is more of a rant than anything of value.  Like other wedding photographers I am listed at various wedding planning websites on the internet.  I have received mixed results being listed with them and have always avoided the premium rate plans opting for the more affordable free listings.  That could be the reason for the mixed results, but this is not about the results. 

So often there will be a new planning site that crops up, but what gets me, and this applies to a large number of the sites, is the complete and total mess of their front page.  Let’s take wedalert for example, since I label that one as a train wreck.  The first question that I have to ask is, do brides really find the UI helpful or appealing?  Maybe I am being overly harsh, or just not tuned into what couples want, but I can’t make any sense out of all the junk on the page.  Where do you even start?  Not only is the page completely cluttered but it is not even visually appealing.

I may step on some toes here, but the popular “big guys” are not much better.  Could theknot cram anything else on their front page?  You have to love the microscopic font and slide-in-banner at the bottom of the page, said with a dash of sarcasm of course.  I am willing to take some criticism on this and listen to your arguments.  I know theknot is one of the most popular wedding planning sites out there, and there has to be a good explanation for their popularity.

Of course I don’t want to end on a negative note so I am pointing out one that I find visually appealing and well organized.  Weddingwire still has a good deal of information on the front page, but the layout seems to have better cohesiveness. 

If you would like to weigh in on this leave a comment below, I would like to hear the thoughts on this.


One thought on “Train Wreck

  1. Wow wedalert is terribly crowded and ADHD! I just found myself looking around frantically and feeling bewildered at the site.

    I don’t think theknot is too bad, it’s not overwhelming though there is a lot of information at least it’s peacefully displayed and not squished by ads.

    There’s nothing better than the refreshing feeling of a simple site design.

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