OneLight Wedding Photography

Photography has changed significantly since I first got started in the days of film.  The biggest advancement has been the movement to digital sensors.  Next in line in my opinion is the advent of wireless flash control between camera and strobe (flash).  This has sparked a movement of “onelight” photography that has brought a dynamic and dramatic look to images everywhere.  Some of the foremost experts in this area are David Hobby of Strobist fame, and Zack Arias who teaches through his OneLight Workshop.

This is a style of photography I have fully embraced and use extensively in my wedding and portrait work.  The ability to control off-camera light from the back menu is powerful.  Not only do I have complete control of the flash settings from the back of my camera, but the ability to fire a remote flash without any additional equipment is a boon to wedding photography.

There is many auxiliary equipment choices that can be made to accomplish this ability, but many of the digital cameras have the technology built-in.  I will be delving into this topic in more detail over the coming weeks, and hope to show you the advantages and effect this can have on images. For now I will leave you with a recent shot using off-camera flash.

The stunning bride, Joy


One thought on “OneLight Wedding Photography

  1. One of my professional friends who is middle aged described to me what the photography industry was like back when he began in college. He said the photographer has a mystical yet artistic presence and business! He was revered like a magician, yet today the magic is dead because everyone can do it and many can get ok results without any former education (such as myself!).

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