Wednesday Wedding Regrets #1

I found an interesting article on the top 10 most common wedding regrets and how to avoid them.  Of course I thought this was interesting because wedding photography ranked very high on the list at #2.  Now I realize there are plenty of regret lists out there, and every vendor has their philosophy on why they are the most important aspect of a wedding.  I don’t want to be that pretentious that I think photography is the most important, because when it comes down to it, it is the bride and groom who determine what is a priority. 

I wanted to add my thoughts to the list and today take the first regret which is “I should have slowed down and enjoyed the day”.  I can imagine this would be a big one, judging from the hectic nature of most weddings.  I think one of the best solutions for this is to hire a wedding planner for “day-of” activities.  I can certainly understand trying to plan the event yourself and save in this area.  When it comes down to the day-of, there are so many tiny details that it is easy to get wrapped up in the small stuff and miss out on all the excitement and atmosphere of the day. 

Bringing in a planner just for day-of organization can go a long way in preventing the bride from having to make all the decisions and keep up with every detail.  If a day-of  planner is not in the budget them my suggestion is to create a time line of activities, print it out on nice parchment,  place one at every seat, and give one to every vendor.  This will give the guests an idea of how the reception should flow, and also eliminate a huge number of questions and requests that tend to bury the couple in decisions.

Lastly sit back and enjoy the day.  There may be tiny details that don’t go according to plan, but in the end most people will not even notice or realize something was out-of-place.


One thought on “Wednesday Wedding Regrets #1

  1. My wedding day regrets:
    1. Not spending more time more time with guests and relaxing during the reception.
    2. Not having an iron with us pre-wedding so the guys could have been ready for pre-ceremony pictures.
    3. Not getting any pinneapple to eat… this one should be number 1.

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