Red River Wedding, NM Style

Red River, NM

Our family fell in love with Red River New Mexico this year when we visited for vacation.  Part of the affection was the fact that you could walk from one end of town to the other, in about 30 minutes.  My wife would claim it was the cool summer weather.  The kids loved the ice cold creek river (in TX it would classify as a creek, except a lot wetter).  I think we were planning next year’s trip before we even left for home.

For me it was like a photography candy store.  I really don’t think you can take a bad picture in Red River, it is just not possible.  We of course will be going back, but to make things even more fun I want to shoot a wedding while we are there.  So the request goes out, that I am looking for a couple getting married in the July 16-24 time frame in Red River, NM.  Actually the wedding doesn’t have to be in Red River, any of the towns along the Enchanted Circle would be great, Angel Fire, Taos, Eagle Nest, Questa.

If you are planning a wedding in the Red River, NM during that week, I would love to talk with you about photography.


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