Wednesday Wedding Regrets #4

videography services

With the widespread and low-cost ability to shoot video now, having some type of video from your wedding should be considered.  I can certainly see why not having video from your wedding would break the top five coming in at number 4.  Even if you can’t afford to hire a professional videographer, getting partial coverage of your wedding should be possible.

Again this is one of the areas where you have to set priorities and determine if going with a professional is desired.  It may be more difficult to find a budget priced videographer due to the heavy back-end processing associated with video coverage.  One alternative would be to request that guests and family upload their video to Facebook for sharing.  As long as you are considering video it is also important to consider the quality and the style of coverage you are looking for.  This is similar to photography coverage and quality video with multiple angle coverage with professional editing is definitely going to cost more than straight one camera footage.

I think every bride and groom should take a minute and consider the importance of video.  This is a regret that has ranked fairly high on the list, meaning that most couples did not think it was important until after the wedding.


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