Wednesday Wedding Regrets #5

barefoot wedding

For a beach wedding, going barefoot is a great idea!

Making the list at #5, staying comfortable the day of the wedding can not be underestimated.  As mentioned in the article, the fit of the dress, and style of shoes play a big role here.  I feel the shoes play the biggest role, and trying to survive in heals for 3-6 hours at a reception could be a mistake.  It is easy to lose track of time and not even realize how long one has been on their feet.  Depending on the scheduling, the better part of the day will be spent up and about.

Most of the prep time will be spent sitting, but once the ceremony gets underway, there will be a lot of walking, and standing with some sitting spattered here and there.  The advice to make sure your shoes are comfortable and broken in is very good, but I also think having a back up pair of comfy slip-ons is a great idea for the reception.  In most cases the wedding dress will cover the shoes, and what is cuter than a bride in her favorite kicks.

boots at the reception

Dancing the night away in style.


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