What is your wedding going to cost?

what will the wedding cost

Any idea what the average cost is for a wedding in your area?  How about the cost for a photographer?  Cost of Wedding helps answer these questions.  A quick search shows the average cost for a wedding in San Antonio is between $15k and 25k.  These numbers are based on couples’ spending rather than vendor pricing, with well experienced professionals running as much as %50 to %100 more. I know, that is great if you are the average couple with an average wedding, so how do you get a handle on the budget.

Cost of Wedding also has a Wedding Cost Estimator that will take all your input on the details and spit out a customized cost calculation.  Once your customized budget is created you have the option to create a printable list or download the results to Excel for later reference.  Because the data is driven off your zip code the information is relevant for the market where your wedding will take place.

The ability to break down costs by vendor gives the user flexibility in targeting the areas that are most important. As I have talked about before it is important for the bride and groom to determine the areas that are most important in terms of priority.

So how did I compare against the database?  My pricing falls in line with other photographers for my experience level.  Since I am not a well experienced wedding photographer, although I pretend to be one on the weekends, the pricing outlined was in line with my rates.  At $1,266 to $2,110 the pricing hits right at my current pricing for my medium range and top end collections.


One thought on “What is your wedding going to cost?

  1. My wife and I got married in May in New Braunfels and we had a great wedding with 150 guests for about $2,000. We shopped smart (sales + Craigslist) and we borrowed whatever we could. Family members also payed for about $550 worth of vendors (cake, DJ and flowers) as a gift but we payed the rest of it out of our pocket and people were very impressed with the outcome.
    Luckily the photographer and I worked out a deal, he shot my wedding for free and I shot his!

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