Wednesday Wedding Regrets #6

Their Horse Drawn Exit

Sixth on the list of wedding regrets is leaving for the honeymoon so quickly after the wedding. 

The tendency is to schedule things a bit tight, but spreading events out can certainly help to alleviate stress and allow for a much more enjoyable wedding experience.  Having some time to unwind after the ceremony and reception is preferable especially when everything seems to go by so fast.


2 thoughts on “Wednesday Wedding Regrets #6

  1. This is one of our regrets, it didn’t ruin anything and we certainly didn’t loose sleep over it 😉 but we wish we would have moved a little slower and left later. The result was a few friends we didn’t get to share enough time with and some angry traveling grandparents who thought we ignored them.
    My wedding planner should have been equipped with a mild tranquilizer, that would have helped slow things down.

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