Portraits are now allowed inside the McNay

McNay Art Museum grounds

It has been some time since I have shot portraits at the McNay Art Museum in San Antonio.   The grounds are gorgeous and a fantastic location for shooting group, family, engagement and bridal photos.  What has prevented me from shooting there in recent years is the large amount of traffic on the grounds, and the $20 per shoot that is charged for portraits there.  Nothing wrong with that, I understand that the McNay has operating costs and if they want to pass those along that is fine with me. 

I visited the site last week to make sure the rate had not changed, since I had an upcoming family shoot there.  Still $20, but what I was surprised to find is that the McNay is now open for portrait sessions inside.  Portrait sessions inside have not been allowed in the past, so this was a surprising change.  Pricing runs $100 an hour which is an acceptable charge for most bridal photography locations within the area.  Another benefit is that the restrooms are open for changing if you do book an indoor session.  Please note that the restrooms are not available for changing when shooting on the McNay grounds.


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