Wednesday Wedding Regrets #7

Pre-ceremony session

Not seeing the groom/bride before the ceremony is #7 on the list of regrets.  This is a regret that stems from the tradition of not seeing one another before the ceremony.  Many couples are now breaking with tradition, but still capturing that excitement through a first look photography session. 

A first look session allows the bride and groom to spend some time together before the wedding ceremony and is arranged in such a way as to still capture that moment of seeing one another for the first time on the wedding day. A first look session is typically orchestrated by the photographer in such a way that the “first look” can be photographed and the couple can have some quite moments preceding the ceremony to settle emotions and enjoy the adventure they are embarking on. 

If the tradition of not seeing your fiance before the ceremony seems awkward I suggest you talk to your photographer about the inclusion of a “first look” session.  It is a great opportunity to capture the emotional moments and have some time before all the excitement begins.


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