Helping preserve the “first look” tradition

Trends within the wedding industry are always being challenged as couples look for unique ways to personalize their wedding day.  One of the most deeply rooted traditions is for the bride and groom to not see one another until the ceremony, often referred to as the “first look”.  For the couple this tradition presents a very emotional moment as they first see one another on their wedding day.  For the photographer it is a critical interaction that can be challenging to capture. 

As couples embrace new trends, holding on to traditions can be a challenge.  In the case of the first look new trends are emerging within the wedding industry to address this.  Many couples are now opting for pre-ceremony photo sessions.  This allows the photographer to capture many of the traditional shots, and lightens the time burden of  formal photos after the ceremony. 

Of course this plan completely interrupts the tradition of a first look, but with some coordinating from the photographer it is still possible to capture that emotional moment.  Here in San Antonio I enjoy working with couples to plan the pre-ceremony photos in such a way that the tradition of a first look is maintained.  This can be as simple as staging the photo session so that both bride and groom arrive separately.  With the groom’s back turned to the bride’s entrance the moment can then be captured as the two meet.

The benefit is a much more intimate moment between the couple and the controlled environment allows the photographer to better plan the shots and capture the emotion.


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