Onelight Wedding Photography – Engagement

Engagement photography with onelight

Much like outdoor wedding formals, engagement photography is great for the use of onelight style.  By mixing onelight with the outdoor setting I am able to create dramatic looks and explore ideas that might otherwise not be possible.  It is through onelight that I am able to bring and engagement shoot to life with great style.  In this post I will talk strictly about using onelight in outdoor situations.  The weather here in San Antonio is mild enough that outdoor shoots are possible most of the year.

With the light and fun atmosphere most engagement shoots present, I can be free to experiment and be more creative than in a wedding situation.  There are no time constraints and couples are willing to try things outside the norm as long as it maintains that fun atmosphere.  Without time constraints I am free to explore interesting ideas and develop potential compositions.  This experimental process lends itself to onelight shooting.  Introducing a light source to the scene adds a new dynamic, but an engagement shoot is the perfect place to experiment.  In the laid back atmosphere of the shoot I can take time to adjust and manipulate the light, which in turn helps mold the composition and evolves the set into something that is dramatic and stylish.  Of course there are times when I see this is not happening and I might nix the current look and move on to a new idea.  Using onelight allows me to explore ideas with a whole new mindset.

Without the use of onelight I am often limited by what is available, and the direction of light present.  Shooting with strictly ambient outdoors, I am able to create some very lovely images, but adding onelight opens up new possibilities.  Using onelight I now have the ability to shoot in areas that were too harshly lit, or in directions opposite of the natural light.  Opposing the sun with my strobe I am able to bring a dramatic look to the image.  I can close down on my aperture to darken the sky and bring a great deal of contrast to the clouds.  I can focus attention directly on the couple by spotlighting them and letting all the other detail in the scene fall off into darkness.

Most photographers will tell you the best time to shoot is at sunrise or sunset.  There is the magic “golden hour” where the light is perfect for creating beautiful images.  I have to agree shooting during the “golden hour” brings a whole lot of atmosphere to your images.  Using onelight opens up the entire day to creating stunning dramatic shots.  By adding the directional off camera flash I am able to produce great results any time of day.

Call me today to find out more about engagement shoots and how I can help bring dramatic style to your images.


One thought on “Onelight Wedding Photography – Engagement

  1. Hi, Thanks for the post. I really like this image because the copule really stand out of the background when you lit them with your off camera flash. Cant wait to see more of your off camera flash lighting. Thanks again, Rob

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