System Revamp


When it comes to making changes to my computer I am very hesitant, and I am talking big changes here.  History has proven that it typically does not go smoothly and issues arise that make the process painful and frustrating.  In October of 2009 I decided to make the switch from Vista to Win7 after hearing very good feedback on 7.  My concern at the time was incompatibility issues with my current software so I decided to install 32-bit 7 on a second partition.  I would have a test environment for 7 and still have the safety net of booting to Vista if I ran into problems or found incompatibility issues.

The install went without an issue and I had no compatibility problems with any of the software I was running until I got to the printer.  My plan was to test 7 for a month or two before installing it on the primary partition, but I had the dilemma of staying with 32-bit (not utilizing the full amount of ram in the computer), or going with 64-bit and possibly running into compatibility issues with my photo editing software.  Procrastination set in as I dreaded the thought of another OS install and the possibility of issues.

More than a year later here I am finally making the jump, not only to install 64-bit, but to also revamp my workflow.  My eventual decision to change editing platforms eased my mind in the migration to 64-bit 7, so this week I took on the process.  Again following my safety principle of leaving a working OS in place I tackled the install of win 7 on the primary partition.  Moving to 64-bit will allow me to utilize all the system resources available and be on a forward-looking platform.  Impressed again the install went very smoothly and the issue with printing seems to have been cleared up.

Now the question is will I ever wipe that second partition and free up the disk space?


2 thoughts on “System Revamp

  1. I just got a Windows 7 laptop last month and I’m liking it so far, haven’t had any issues with Lightroom or any of my other apps.
    The Libraries idea in 7 is clever and also you can set your desktop wallpaper to cycle randomly through a set folder of photos which is awesome.

  2. Win7 really is what Vista should have been. I have been running the 32-bit version with no regrets, of course I really don’t take advantage of all the cool bells and whistles. As long as it is stable and fast.

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