Weddings, and why the photography Isn’t important

Seems odd

It seems odd that I would be writing on why the photography is not important for a wedding.  Have you ever stopped and wondered why someone would not put emphasis on the quality of the photography?  There are many of you that may find this thought foreign since you find the photography to be highly important.

The complaint amongst photographers is that couples are not willing to invest heavily in photography.  For many of the photographers the spending seems disproportionate between the flowers, venue, food, and what is spent on photography.  I don’t feel those photographers have made an effort to adequately evaluate the situation.  It is very easy to point fingers and complain and completely ignore the underlying factors; then ask “why won’t couples spend on photography, it is the only thing they will have left from the wedding?”

Is the photography important?  I will come back to that later.

My Cheap Days

As some of you may know, my focus out of high school was bicycle road racing.  I was consumed with the sport, and with my equipment.  I spent a good deal of time maintaining my bike and upgrading equipment.  That meant putting together the best bike possible that fit within my means.  It also meant making compromises especially when equipment was toasted in pile-ups and other crashes.

Decision Time

I eventually came to a crossroads and I could continue with my current equipment or I could dig deep and make a big investment.  I was finally convinced by those around me to take the leap and get a custom bike built.  The investment was much greater than any I had made previously, and making that happen was a big stretch.  It required making sacrifices, selling equipment, and scraping together every dollar I could get my hands on.  I did make it happen.

Spending BIG

I put a deposit down on a custom-built frame by Hans Schneider, which held my spot in line.  Hans took his time, but he ensured the bike would be a perfect match.  He measured out my current bike, took me out on a tempo ride with some hard efforts and we talked extensively about what I was looking for in a bike.  When he finally completed the frame and I paid off the balance I built it up.  It rode like a dream, everything I wanted and then some.  At the time I had sunk a small fortune in that bike and every penny was worth it.

custom built bike from Hans Schneider

Doing it all over again

There is no “if I crash” in bicycle racing, only “when I crash”, with the hope being the damage will not be too great.  When I finally did crash and destroy the frame I did not hesitate to have Hans build me a new frame; another financial stretch, but worth it.  I have never regretted spending the money.  The second bike built by Hans hangs in my sun-room; it served me well for many years.

The Connection

I think you are seeing the connection.  That bike was custom-built, crafted by an artist and meant specifically for me.  It was expensive, and I had to dig deep to make it happen.  I cherished that bike and the second one too.  If I had spent a few hundred bucks on the frame I don’t think it would have meant near as much to me.  If it had been a bike off the rack the connection wouldn’t be there.

When you dig deep and really stretch to purchase true quality a tight connection is made.  Those photographs, the album, the prints hold a very dear place in your heart.  The photography is artistic craftsmanship, not only for you, but of you.  You will cherish those photos for the rest of your life.  Make the investment, it is truly worth it.


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