Engagement Social – Spring 2011

As part of our 2011 promotion, walstonphoto, in conjunction with local portrait photographers, are hosting an Engagement Social for area couples.  The social will feature local photographers and the chance to shoot with each of them at the event.  The event will be hosted at a beautiful outdoor San Antonio location on Sunday February 27th from 3:00pm to 5:30pm.  Each couple will have the chance to work with each of the photographers during the event and will later receive selected images edited and delivered on disk.  This is a great opportunity to get some amazing engagement images and the best part is, it is free.

The event is limited to 4 photographers and 5 couples so I am reaching  out to the engaged couples in San Antonio first. If you want to be considered for participation in the social here is what you will need to do:

  • Post a comment to this blog post describing how you and your fiancé met, or how he proposed.

From the submissions, 5 couples will be chosen randomly on February 14th to participate in the event.

Photographers will include:

  • walstonphoto (Royce Walston)
  • Darren Guy
  • Adam Rodriguez (tentative)
  • To be Announced

~~~UPDATE~~~ Details reagarding the location can be found at this link.


4 thoughts on “Engagement Social – Spring 2011

  1. I had always heard people say that most people find their spouse in college. I was about to be a Senior at LSU and with a few not-so-great relationships under my belt, I had no idea that would apply to me too.
    Our meeting was completely random but unforgettable. I was working the desk at a college apartment complex David had just moved out of. He came to look at his lease and met me, the new girl sitting in no air conditioning during a hot Louisiana summer day wearing a white Wal-Mart tee with no makeup. I guess my sparkling personality won him over because he came in three more times until he said he could muster up the courage to ask for my number.
    He asked me out to a bar….being the respectable girl that I am, I said NO! He quickly learned his lesson and asked me to dinner the next time, which I accepted. Ever since then everything about our relationship has been so natural.
    Every moment with him is exciting and cherished. For a good part of our relationship we lived in different cities while he was in medical school in San Antonio, and I worked in Baton Rouge then moved to New Orleans to complete my Masters program. We now share an apartment together in San Antonio as he continues medical school and I work at a company downtown as a Staff Accountant.
    The moment he proposed it felt so surreal and real all at the same time. He pulled out that little box and got on one knee. I started to cry, and when he opened the box my eyes were so watery I could barely see that yellow diamond I had been dreaming about. My heart was beating erratically, but I’ve known for 3 years the answer would be yes. Now I just can’t wait to spend the rest of our lives together!

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