Louis Torres Swag

For Wedding Photographers

I was running through my blog and I am embarrassed to say that I have not posted on Louis Torres.  Louis is a fantastic wedding photographer in the New York area, and offers huge support to the up and coming photographer.  His photography website showcases his work while his “For Wedding Photographers” site provides some great resources for those photographers getting started or on their up in the business.

His newly published magazine named after the site, is filled with articles from photographers all over the world and is an inspiration for those looking to raise their performance to the next level.  As hard as it must be to keep up with the wedding photography and provide support to the newbie, Louis proves that it is something close to his heart.  I was fortunate to be one of the first to purchase the magazine in “pdf” form when it went on sale a couple of weeks ago.  To my surprise I got a fb message from Louis directing me to his wall where he announced I would be getting a t-shirt and mag for the distinction of being first.

True to form the mag looks outstanding, with fabulous photos throughout.  Every turn of the page leaves you inspired or enlightened with the short articles and interviews.  Looking for ads?  Look elsewhere, because Lou’s magazine only contains great info from great photographers.  If you haven’t checked him out take a few minutes to look over his website and blog.


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