What is most important to you?

I had recently posted on wedding regrets so the when I came across this thread in the weddingwire.com forums I was interested in the responses (you may have to be logged in as a member to see it).  Even if you can’t see the thread you will get the picture by the time you are finished reading this.

The thread provided first hand input on what brides found to be most important for their wedding.  The only problem was trying to analyze the responses and make sense out of it, but fortunately most everyone responded in a common format.  I was able to drop the information into Excel and rank the categories.  Here is the result:



Category Average of RANK Photographer 2.83 Food and Service 2.96 Reception Venue 3.13 Minister 4.00 Dress and Alterations 4.25 Beverage and Bartenders 5.60 Reception Decorations and Centerpieces 5.64 DJ 5.78 Cake and Cutting Fee 7.09 Videographer 7.35 Misc 7.40

The lower the Rank the higher the category rated overall in importance.  You will notice a “Misc” category at the bottom which included items that did not readily fall into one of the main categories in the list.  And no, I did not manipulate the data so that photography would rank first.  I am happy that it worked out that way though.  What do you think?  Does this closely follow with your list of important categories?


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