I spent the day at ImagingUSA in San Antonio, one of the leading expos for photographic imaging and printing.  It was interesting to see all the album and print vendors, which indicated that tangible photo media is still thriving in this digital age.  Some of the most amazing prints were those done in aluminum media, and there was no shortage of quality album choices in every variety.  The expo included the big industry guys as well such as Nikon and Canon with a full range of equipment for demo.

For the wedding photographer such as myself, the expo offered a wide assortment of products to generate ideas as well as fine tune my offerings for 2011.  Getting to see the items first hand, and talk with the vendors, helped narrow my choices for the coming year, and ensure that I am offering a quality product to my clients.

Aluminum prints are becoming more prominent and available in a wide selection.  This is an item that can not be described without seeing it.  There is no way to convey the depth, vibrance, detail, and overall attraction that is achieved by printing on aluminum.  I have posted before on aluminum prints and I believe they will become one of the most popular print items on the market.

Canvas prints are not far off in popularity.  Printing on canvas has created a resurgence that harkens back to the days of painted canvas wall hangings.  The appearance and class of canvas can not be matched for those seeking a vintage look.  If you want your home wall hangings to stand out and attract the attention of guests then canvas or aluminum will do that every time.

Look for updates to my “Elegant Additions” page over the next few weeks as I firm up my product line for 2011.


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