The wedding geek

Ahhh, the dilemma of how to carry spare photo items at weddings.  The trade-off between function and style makes this a tough topic for me.  There are certain pieces of equipment that I need to have on me at all times when shooting weddings, and fortunately it is not a huge number of items.  The drawback comes in how to carry them.  In most normal shooting situations a camera bag works great, and can be thrown on my back or over a shoulder.  That is not so convenient, or professional looking, in a wedding situation.  I mostly resort to jacket pockets which works fine till it is time to get down to business at the reception.  Once the dancing gets going it is time to lose the jacket.

There are several options out there, but I don’t feel any of them really address the issue in a complete manner.  The Shootsac is one option that brings some style to the issue, but it still leaves something over my shoulder and hanging at my side, which I find annoying.  Along the same line is the Kelly Moore collection which is a more elegant form of the same thing, over the shoulder and sitting at my side.  Try squeezing through a crowded room to set up your next shot with one of those flopping at your side.  Not fun.   Boda bags offers a nice alternative that can be worn around your waist, but seriously?  Who wants to wear a hip bag for shooting weddings?  Even harder to squeeze through tight spaces with that.  I do have to give Boda a thumbs up for quality.  Their bags are very cool and incredibly sturdy.

My solution?  I don’t have one yet.  How lame is that?  For the time being, I drop my needed accessories in my pockets and get my shots.  Don’t worry brides, I won’t make the ultimate geek move and wear a photo vest to your wedding.  Although the Scottevest is probably the most stylish of gear geek clothing.


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